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Welcome to my little spot on the internet, a relic of a time where fan sites and personal/combo sites were significantly more common. Since 2001, this site has been offering a collection of little bits and pieces of any and everything. Feel free to look around, and why not submit some feedback or check out my other site, Return of the Magi before you leave.

Given how long Toji's World has been around, it could be considered ancient within the context of the internet. In any case, hopefully this site will continue on for more years to come.

Latest Update

17/01/2024 - Getting back in to Drawing ~ Toji

The beginning of the year got off to a bumpy start here in Japan. Fortunately I'm ok, but there are many who aren't doing so well. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come this year.
In any case, I'm still here and this website is still here, so all I can do is try to bring you content, whether it be here, or on my blog.

With that aside, on to the updates:

That's everything for now. I am looking to do more work on Return of the Magi since launching my Evangelion site last year. Also, check out my blog in the meantime if you&re interested in what's going on, or what I'm doing in Japan at the moment.

With that, until next time.

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